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Imagine how good it feels being able to say "Yea I know how to do that!", Or even better I set it up & now it does it for me.

This course will get you there...  Become a master on how to utilize paidtoday to reduce the work load in your own business. Built and delivered over the latest technology that makes learning easy and fast. By taking this course you will actually be using the paidtoday system itself so you get a full spectrum experience.




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Quick overview of the PaidToday Interface.
Learn how to set your businesses details. Location, Timezones, Phone Number ect. Add your businesses social media links.
How to purchase a business phone number for your business. You can use this number or multiple numbers to send automated text SMS messages or to call and receive calls. Assign numbers to team members or sales teams as well if you like.
Start processing payments by connecting your stripe account
Add and remove employees/team members from your business.
Set your team members permissions. Choose who has permissions to do what inside your business.
How use PaidToday gift subscription codes.
Create and add contacts manually. Contacts can also be created automatically when someone purchases, books, or form submits from your website or funnels
Learn how to search contacts
Easily attach client related files to their contact records.
Add your own notes to a contact record. Keep everyone up to date with important or relevant information.
Create client related tasks or actions for you or your team members to complete. Assign the team member and set the due date if time sensitive.
Manually add contacts to a Pipeline. Track where your customers are with in your sales processes.
Create contact opportunities for you or your team members to follow up on and nurture closing the deal. Track your projected profits and more from the CRM page.
Send an email to a contact from their contact record inside PaidToday. Keep an easy to view outgoing email communications record with each of your contacts.
Get started with just a few clicks to create a project that is share-able with your clients and your team.
Learn everything you need to capture work items and interact with a living project.
Sometimes we need to get rid of items and here's how to do it!
How to add, remove, invite, and manage your team (including customers!) This is a key topic for any digital agency or consultant.
Create an invoice and send it to your customer. Your customers can pay these invoices through your client portal.
Create a draft or estimate invoice and share it with your client. Easily make changes to the draft invoice if needed before finalizing the invoice. Once you and your clients are happy with the draft invoice you can send the finalized version. Invoices that are sent become un editable for transparency and security for both you and your clients.
Void an invoice that has been sent to a client. If the invoice had any mistakes or the terms of the agreement had changed simply void this invoice and create a new one. If payments have been made against this invoice you will need to refund those payments prior to voiding the invoice.
Orders are more fluid in that they can be updated and modified as the work/project continues or changes. Orders can use products as line items and or can have custom line items. Orders also support scheduled payments. Orders can be paid against through your client portal by the customer as well if you allow it on your portal settings. Orders may also be automatically created when customers purchase products/courses from your websites or funnels.
View the history of an order, payments, edits, and activity.
Find the order or orders your looking for. Use the filters to narrow your search.
Use the payment calculator to auto generate a payment plan for an order.
Cancel an upcoming scheduled payment that hasn't processed yet.
Create a sales pipeline to track your customers journey as they flow through your sales process. Find choke points in your process and make changes to increase your conversions.
Edit & modify your existing sales pipelines
Add/remove and move contacts through your sales pipeline steps.
Editing and updating your created course. These edits will auto update for everyone that has access to this course.
Easily add worksheets, guides, lesson materials.
Adding and removing student access from a course. You maintain control of all your students access.
Here we learn how to create a booking form. Booking forms can be used on any of your websites or funnels. People that book will automatically be added as a contact record inside PaidToday. View a contacts booked appointments on their contact record or from your booking reports. You will get notifications prior to your appointments.
Editing your booking forms is easy. When you make changes to your booking form configuration it will auto update across
Add questions to your booking process for your client to fill out before they book. This can generate higher quality leads and will help make sure your prepared before you go in to any meeting.
Block a section time off if your on vacation or will be unavailable for a certain period of time.
Create products to sell on your websites, funnels, and portal. Use the product pages in the website builder to add your shop layout of these products.
Make changes to your products. Any changes you apply here will update every your products are used for instance your website and portal.
Delete obsolete products.
Check out the marketplace for new website and funnel templates for your business. Find one you like, purchase it, and it will automatically install in your website builder. From there you can customize and edit as you wish.
Create a new website or funnel or landing page.
Creating individual pages inside your websites. Select pages

"Best classes I've ever taken totally worth it!"

Jenny Sands  Boxing Class

"5 Stars Its the best totally worth it!"

Jenny Sands  Boxing Class

"Best classes I've ever taken totally worth it!"

Jenny Sands  Boxing Class

Preview some of the features this course covers! This robust system has helped 100's of businesses just like yours make 6 figures and more...

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By the end of this course you will have learned...

  • How to set up and manage your business details and preferences
  • How to easily manage your customer records
  • How to accept online bookings
  • How to sell products online and through your customer portal
  • How to sell course online and through your customer portal
  • How to create automations that will increase customer retention
  • How to create sales pipelines to track your customers buying experience
  • How to customize and manage your customer portal
  • How to create and sell online courses & trainings just like this one
  • How to create and host your websites and funnels
  • And much more!

Completing this course will not only make running your business a breeze but it will also give you ways on how to improve your business to generate consistent sales and growth

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Is this course free to take

This course is 100% free to take

How much is a PaidToday business subscription

Base package is $97/month and includes access to all features. 

Can I charge money to setup other businesses

Yes we have many successful business builders that are making 6 figures or more helping businesses get setup and then offering support as needed

Can I save my progress in this course

Yes your progress is saved. You will be able to pick up right where you left off

Can I build & sell courses like this one

Yes we have a full course builder and course sales funnels you can implement in a matter of minutes.

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Simply click on the members button and register or sign in to your free members account or click here